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6 Dramatic Graphic Liner Looks to Try Today

Graphic eyeliner is taking over Instagram feeds and runways as the boldest makeup trend. From sharp cat eyes to geometric works of art, graphic liner makes a dramatic statement. Typically created with liquid or gel formulas, this look can also be achieved with pressed cake eyeliner for an intense color payoff.

In this blog post, we'll explore how Colorlab's pressed cake eyeliner pans can be used to create show-stopping graphic eyeliner looks. With rich, buildable color and a smudge-resistant finish, these eyeliner compacts are the perfect tool for executing precise lines, shapes, and designs. We'll go over tips for effectively using pressed cake liners and provide inspiration for recreating the most striking graphic eye looks.

Whether you're an aspiring makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, graphic liner elevates any eye look. The versatility of Colorlab's pressed cake eyeliner allows you to experiment with stunning shapes, vivid colors, and bold designs. Follow along as we detail how to master graphic eyeliner artistry with these professional-quality cosmetic pans. With the right techniques, you can customize glamorous liner looks that make a lasting impression!

Dramatic Graphic Eye Looks to Recreate

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to using pressed cake eyeliner to achieve graphic eye looks. Here are some bold liner ideas to recreate with Colorlab's pans:

Floating Winged Liner

The floating winged liner look makes a sultry statement. To achieve this, use pressed cake eyeliner to draw a wing shape that is disconnected from your lash line. Position the wing floating in your crease area and extend it upward and outward. Leave a gap between the floating wing and your lash line for an avant-garde detached effect. Focus the liner on your crease and avoid the lower lash line to keep the look airy.

Colorblock Cat Eye

Try a color block liner look for a modern twist on the classic cat eye. Use two complementary shades of pressed cake eyeliner to trace a cat eye along your lash line and crease. Fill in one half of the cat eye in a bold color and the other half with a contrasting hue. The split color eyeliner provides visual interest for a standout shape. To enhance the duo-chrome effect, make one shade metallic or glitter.

Cut Crease Graphic Liner

The cut crease is another popular graphic eyeliner technique. Use a pressed cake liner to trace right along your natural eye crease, extending slightly above and below the fold. Create a rounded or winged shape following the contours of your actual crease. Intensify the shape by building up the liner color to make the graphic lines pop. Keep the rest of the lid bare for maximum contrast.

Negative Space Liner

Negative space liner makes use of the contrast between bare skin and graphic shapes. First, apply pressed cake liner to trace a bold shape along your lash line or crease. Then leave the centers blank to create negative space around the graphic outline. The focal point becomes the bare skin within the lined shape. Try chevrons, triangles, hearts or abstract shapes for bold graphic impact.

Geometric Angles

Geometric eyeliner looks are all about sharp lines, points and angles. Use pressed cake liner to trace shapes like triangles, rectangles, diamonds and chevrons across your lids. You can place shapes along the lash line, floating in space, or crossing over each other. For extra dimension, make the shapes different sizes and overlap them. Keep the lines clean and confident for the full geometric effect.

Double Liner

Amp up the drama by layering two graphic eyeliner looks. First, apply one bold graphic shape with pressed cake liner, like a cut crease or wing. Then go over it with a second liner look, either on top or below. For example, trace lower lash lines with neon liners under a floating crease wing. The possibilities are endless for liner combinations!

The options are limitless for the graphic looks you can create! Get creative with combining colors, shapes, angles, and overlays to invent your signature liner look.

The Benefits of Using Pressed Cake Eyeliner for Graphic Looks

Pressed cake eyeliner offers many advantages for creating graphic eyeliner art. Here are some of the top benefits of using Colorlab's pressed cake pans:

  • Intense Pigment - The pressed cake formula provides rich, concentrated color that applies opaque in a single swipe. This intense payoff allows you to create bold graphic shapes.

  • Buildable Coverage - While the pigment is highly saturated, you can also build up the pressed cake eyeliner to different levels of opacity. This makes it easy to create dimensional liner looks.

  • Long Lasting - Once applied and set, pressed cake eyeliner is incredibly long-wearing and transfer-resistant. Graphic lines and shapes will last all day without smudging or fading.

  • Smudge Resistant - The creamy formula sets to a transfer-proof finish that won't budge or smudge, even on the oilier lids.

  • Precise Lines - The cake can be sharpened for ultra-fine points and edges, perfect for executing the intricate details of graphic looks.

  • Blends Easily - Despite its budge-proof set, the formula still blends out easily before drying for seamless smoothing.

  • Vibrant Color - Available in a range of vivid tones, these pans provide bright pops of color for an eye-catching graphic effect.

Tips for Creating Graphic Looks with Pressed Cake Eyeliner

Follow these tips to ensure smooth application and get the most out of your Colorlab pressed cake eyeliner:

  • Start with an eyeshadow primer to prep lids - This creates a smooth, crease-free base for graphic lines.

  • Use an angled eyeliner brush - The stiff, angled bristles give you better control for sharp lines.

  • Dip your brush into the pan and tap off excess - This prevents messy application.

  • Build up the color gradually in thin layers - Don't drag the brush; use short strokes to build pigment.

  • Draw shapes in sections using small strokes - Resist pulling in one long line, which can slip.

  • Keep cotton swabs and makeup remover handy - For cleaning up any mistakes in application.

  • Set the liner with coordinating eyeshadow - This makes the graphic liner transfer-proof.

  • Take your time - Rushing through the application can lead to uneven lines.

  • Relax your eyelids during application - This reduces natural creases in the eyelid skin.

  • Experiment and have fun! - Use different colors, shapes, and techniques to find your signature graphic look.

Graphic eyeliner opens up an endless world of creative expression. With Colorlab’s intensely pigmented pressed cake eyeliner pans, you have the perfect product to bring graphic looks to life. Vibrant colors, buildable opacity, and a smudge-resistant finish allow you to create crisp lines, bold shapes, and layered dimensional looks.

Whether you’re an artist looking to make a statement or a makeup newbie trying something new, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild with graphic liner. The versatility of pressed cake eyeliner empowers you to invent unique looks that show off your personal style. Trace delicate faux lashes one day and geometric colorblocking the next. With the right tools and techniques, you can customize graphic eyeliner artistry to your heart’s desire.

The next time you do your makeup, set aside a little extra time to experiment with graphic shapes and dazzling colors. Draw inspiration from your favorite makeup artists and mood boards, but don’t be afraid to put your own spin on liner looks. With pressed cake eyeliner’s long wear and intense pigment, you can create magazine-worthy liner art that makes a lasting impact. So grab your angled brush, choose a palette of pans in your favorite shades, and transform your eyes into a bold work of art!

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