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Make Your Own Makeup Website Today


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…we got a makeover!!   And guess what?  We’re helping your business get one too!


We’ve joined forces with an amazing team of web developers to launch Beauty Wiz Site Builder—a true game changer in ecommerce website design.

Many of our customers have expressed their struggle in wanting to build their own website, but they just don’t know where to start.  We listened to those struggles, and we did something about it! 

The Beauty Wiz Site Builder team will guide you through the  process of streamlining all the elements that often make building a website challenging.  From establishing a domain name, to creating a sleek design, to simplifying navigation, and integrating your already established social media pages—we have landed on a solution that helps us help you.


Using a framework that focuses on Product Forward Features, Back of House Maintenance, and Front of House Ease, we’re here to help you run your business in the most optimally profitable way possible.  Here is how we do it…


Product Forward Features

Our developers understand that your main purpose in business is to sell product, while their main purpose in business is to make selling your product easier than ever! 

Using Product Forward Features, your new web site will allow your customer to shop with ease.  You will be able to automatically populate all the colors available in your line and load a list of ingredients for customers to peruse as they shop.

Imagine creating engaging product descriptions from a library of product selling-points and ingredient functions provided by Colorlab for you!  The Beauty Wiz Site Builder allows you to do just that!  Plus, we offer color swatch images for each product you sell.  


Back of House Maintenance

Beauty Wiz Site Builder aims to do more than serve your clients—it aims to serve you as a business owner too!  Our developers will work alongside you to make sure your vision is fully realized.  

Colorlab’s web designers will implement an intuitive point, click, and drag interface where admins can perform site updates and product launches all on their own. 

You will have full access to a visitor analytics dashboard and a Support Help Desk for technical issues. 

And arguably the best feature?  Your site will integrate with Colorlab’s inventory where you can check current stock to avoid back orders and headaches. 

You can literally work from anywhere (assuming you have a phone or laptop to work from)—and who wouldn’t want to run a business like that?

A seasoned web developer will help you to build a foundation from which you can manage your website effortlessly—even furnishing you with a mobile app for iOS and Andriod where you can manage your site on-the-go. 


Front of House Ease

The Beauty Wiz Site Builder designers will work with you to customize your page to your needs. 

The service even comes with a built-in search engine optimization (SEO) function that drives high page rankings for your product pages and blog posts—so writing copy is a breeze!   Shopping online has never been easier for your or your clients!

Your site will include both a desktop and mobile version that will come with embedded forms for email marketing leads, as well as embedded feeds to your different social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.). 

Based on your brand guidelines, our developers will set up the Basic site which includes:

  • Homepage

  • Store

  • Contact

  • About

  • Testimonials

  • Staff

  • FAQ

  • Blog

  • Podcasts

  • Social Media

  • Forum

  • Photo Gallery

You know what though? The makeover doesn’t stop there!  For an additional expense, you can drive more traffic to your page with these supplementary options…


Enhancement Add-Ons

Product Catalogues


Colorlab will help you incorporate catalogue pages for products outside of the Colorlab line.  This means you can sell anything and everything from your eCommerce site, and we’ll even help you do it! 

And guess what?  Colorlab has an in-house studio where we can shoot high-quality, web-ready product images for you.  They don’t even have to be our products!

Customer-Friendly Social Features

Memberships and recurring subscriptions are all the rage right now.  With this feature, your customers will be able to sign up for a monthly subscription box or an automatic shipment option that will send them new product on a schedule the fits their needs. 

For even more engagement, you can opt to have your website feature a calendar where your clients can book appointments for any remote or in-person services you offer.  Are you selling product alongside freelancing as a makeup artist?  Offer your services and make the booking process a breeze! 

Think outside of the box and use the calendar to log all product update dates, special events, and subscription timelines too! 

We can even imbed feedback features that allow for your customers to create content for you!  They can upload photos, product testimonials, and reviews to your site that you can then use for further web reach and marketing.  If there is one thing customers love, it’s real-life examples of how your product is going to benefit their lifestyle.

Streamlining Your Business


Our developers know the ins and outs of building eCommerce websites, and they know the importance of streamlining your business. 

Long gone are the days of using gmail accounts for business needs.  Let our designers assist you in creating business class email accounts that include your first and last name followed by your domain name.  It’s far more professional overall and should be standard with any business. 

We can also help you with third party integrations that sync your websites and the apps you use to run your business.  This includes:

  • CRM Systems like Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.

  • Cloud-based ERP Systems like Quickbooks

  • Event Features like Eventbrite

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Drive

  • Google Workshop

  • Dropbox

  • Automated Email Assistant

  • Chat Room Integration

  • Email Routing based on Content/Subject


If you’re considering generating ad revenue to your site, we can help with that too!Colorlab’s web designers will utilize Google AdSense integration to display ads and links to your website.Think of all the revenue you can add through ads!


This may all seem too good to be true, and in some ways it is.  The Beauty Wiz Site Builder essentially does the work for you (with your input, of course!) and sets you up with all the latest features for running a practical website.

It streamlines your business, providing optimal customer engagement, and even making product images, copy, and sales a piece of cake! 

But the most incredible feature of all?  Your site is 100% controlled by you. 

Unlike some third-party eCommerce sites, we take no percentage of your sales.  Not a penny. 

Once the initial payment is made to build your site, you own it.  What you do with it from there is up to you! 


So, how do you go from nothing to an efficient website with organic traffic and profitable sales?  The steps to implementation are simple.  Here are a few words from our developer—


We provide a turnkey solution for new and existing businesses that will accelerate revenue.  We are business owners too...we know you are busy.  We also know that technology is essential to your business but it isn't the business you are in.  That's why we do as much for you as possible to remove the headaches, obstacles, and on-going labor that online selling often requires.

Here's the implementation process.


The “requirements gathering” phase sets the foundation for your website building project.  This is much more than just how you want your website to look.  We will get to know you and your business.  Then we will focus on your ideal website visitor (a.k.a. persona) and figure out what makes them tick.  From there we will determine which features and pages we need to engage the most ideal visitors and close the most sales for your business.



We know consumers like to engage with companies who convey their brand identity. We will help you find the right colors, imagery, videos, animation, fonts, and backgrounds to communicate your unique brand to your target audience.



Once we get the requirements and your brand’s style elements, our team will develop a detailed plan and a contract for the project.  Once the plan is agreed upon by all parties, we will begin to implement the plan based to your needs.

Project Plan.jpg


Our team of designers and coders will bring your vison to life.  We will create a stunning website with a fully integrated eCommerce store that will be ready to go on day one. 

We’ll set up your payment gateway as well as any other required systems necessary to running your business, such as booking system, special events calendar, forum, customer portals, emails, storage, chat, etc.



Now for the exciting part!  We will walk you through the site and create a 'punch down' list of items that need to be tweaked and updated before we connect your payment processor and connect the site to your domain name. 

Once your domain name is connected to your site, you’re live! At this point we register your site and all of your products on Google so that you can start ranking on search engine results.



We want you to use your site to its fullest potential.  Our training and tutorials will give you the skills to operate your site, so you don't have to keep coming back to us and paying for updates. 

We will show you, step by step how easy it is to create and update your content with our point and click platform. You won't need any special skills or coding knowledge. 

Once you are trained, you will be able to make updates on your own—and in less time than it usually takes a professional developer!



We know how critical your eCommerce platform is to your business.  If you are experiencing a technical issue that is preventing online sales our support team will help you remedy the issue in the timeliest manner possible. 

Image by Christopher Gower

With services starting at just $999 for the Basic site and subscriptions starting at $49.99 per month which includes hosting, storage, tech support & unlimited band width. Our Beauty Wiz Site Builder developers will work with you through the process of creating a visually stunning website from scratch or renovating the site you have already built.


Reserve your site today for just $199





Questions?  Schedule a meeting with our developer!

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