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  • How many lipsticks can the lipstick system make?
    The Ultimate System contains pigment and frost to make approximately 3,500 lipsticks. The Deluxe System contains enough pigment and frost to make approximately 1,000 lipsticks. Your most re-ordered items will be lipstick base and lipstick tubes.
  • Can you describe the quality of your lipsticks?
    Colorlab’s lipstick has been described by the most discerning lipstick wearers as “the best lipstick they have ever tried”. All of Colorlab’s custom blend products are designed with quality in mind. The lipstick, gloss and glacé are superior quality formulations. The beauty of the custom blend system is that you create just the right color and adjust and combine products to get the perfect lipstick for your clients.
  • What is the consistency of the lipstick, lip gloss and glacé?"
    Colorlab offers three different lipstick bases: crème, butter (for sheer lipsticks) and long last matte, two lip gloss bases: stay-put (traditional gloss) and lip smoothie (balm like), and a glace (which is like MAC’s Lip Glass – sticky with a patent leather shine). These bases make terrific lip products with or without formulation adjustments. For those who would like more variety, these bases can be combined with each other and with a variety of additives to create additional textures. Silkening Modifier imparts a silkier texture, Moisture Additive provides more moisture and sheers the lip product. (Moisture Additive is used to give lip products additional moisture and can dramatically change the texture and consistency in lip gloss and glacé. )
  • How many types of lipstick can you make with the lipstick system?
    The colors, textures, flavors, essences, and sun protection are up to you. You can create a nearly infinite array of colors. You can combine the lipstick, lip gloss, glacé bases and various additives in different quantities to create new textures. Great new combinations can be created from the flavors and essences as well. You can also use the mineral powders to create mineral lipsticks.
  • How do you ensure that the lipstick you make is good for your client?
    You base the color on their skin tone and the customer’s preferences. During the lipstick making process you can try the lipstick on your client and make any adjustments necessary until you have found the perfect shade. It is an interactive process for you and the client.
  • What shades can be created with the foundation system?
    Colorlab’s foundation system was designed to create foundation for any shade of skin. One of seven different base shades are used as a starting point (you choose the shade closest to the client’s skin tone) and then adjust the shade with concentrated toners to perfectly match your client’s skin.
  • What kind of coverage does the foundation provide?
    The coverage depends on your client’s preferences. You can create anything from a sheer foundation to a full coverage foundation by adding quantities of thinner, thickener or other additives to the foundation. You can also create moisture tints, concealer, camouflage, eyeshadows, blushes and other products.
  • How does the foundation work on problem skin?
    Dermatologists, estheticians and makeup artists use Colorlab foundation on their clients with problem skin. The foundation base is noncomodegenic and is available in oil-free, matte and enriched formulas. The formula is altered depending on the client’s skin condition--for oily skin, the oil control additive can be used with the oil free foundation base to create just the right formulation. Coverage can also be adjusted as described above.
  • What kind of finish does the foundation have?
    The finish, again, depends on the client. Clients who are in front of the camera, whether they be newscasters, celebrities or brides, prefer a matte finish, other clients like a luminescent and light diffusing finish, and still others prefer something in between.
  • What is your foundation base like?
    Our foundation is a concentrate and contains 11-13% pigment depending on the shade. Most other company's foundations contain 7-8%. To custom blend a ‘regular’ foundation, add 6-10 pumps of the Thinner.
  • Can I use the additives together?
    Our system was designed so that all additives can be used together. For example, you can add thinner, hydrator, texturizer and mattifier if need be…. do not limit yourself.
  • What does the Coverage Enhancer do?
    Each large scoop of coverage enhancer increases the coverage by 3%. When adding Coverage Enhancer to your blend use the enhancer closest to the base shade; for example use Dark with Hazelnut base, Medium with Beige, Extra Light with Medium etc. You will also use Coverage Enhancer to make concealers.
  • What exactly are mineral powders?
    Mineral powders are basically foundation without the liquid ingredients. Colorlab’s mineral powders are all natural minerals without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Can mineral powders really be used for sun protection?
    Colorlab’s mineral powders contain micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxides that provide natural sun protection of an SPF between 17-25. You can increase or decrease the coverage with Colorlab’s Translucent Modifier or Coverage Intensifier. The mineral powders adhere well to the skin and are water resistant, making them a good addition to any sun protection regime.
  • Many of my clients complain of chalkiness and skin irritation in their powder.
    The chalkiness and irritation could be caused by talc. Colorlab’s mineral powders contain no talc and are in fact very natural looking and non-irritating. Many clients who have not been able to wear powders in the past are now turning to Colorlab’s mineral powders.
  • Are mineral powders just for women without wrinkles?
    Colorlab’s mineral powders are actually light diffusing (they contain sericite) so they reflect light away from wrinkles rather than accentuating them.
  • Do your mineral powders contain luminescence?
    Actually, you have the option of adding the shimmer or not. The bases and toners do not contain luminescence. Luminescence is offered in two shades: Sunlight Gold and Moonlight Pearl.
  • I have the Custom Blend Lipstick System, can I mix the lipstick frosts, foils and minerals together to make eyeshadow?"
    Absolutely! You can create shimmering shadows, blushes, bronzers, liners and highlighters by combining the minerals, frosts and foils. You can also use the minerals to make lipsticks and cream blushes using lipstick bases.
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