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Unleash Your Spooky Style with These Halloween Makeup and Beauty Trends

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

🎃 Ah, Halloween – that magical time of the year when the air gets crisper, pumpkins adorn doorsteps, and our inner makeup artist comes out to play! While decking out in full-fledged costumes is always a blast, sometimes it's those subtle makeup twists that truly set the spooky mood, right?

This year, why settle for the same old when you can experiment with some fresh, festive trends? Whether you're aiming for a ghostly glow or just a hint of haunting, Colorlab Private Label is here to ensure your look is bewitchingly on point. Ready to "spookify" your beauty game? Let's dive into some of the season's hottest trends and how you can embrace them with ease.

Easy Festive Touches

The beauty of Halloween makeup? It doesn’t always have to be an intricate masterpiece. Sometimes, just a dash of color or a sprinkle of glitter can elevate your look into the Halloween spirit. Let's explore some quick and striking touches.

Iridescent Purple Lipstick🍇

Ah, the allure of a dark purple lip! Not only does it scream autumn, but it's also just the right blend of mysterious and chic. Wondering which shade suits you? Colorlab offers a spectrum, ensuring there's a hue for every skin tone. And if you're pondering what to pair it with? A soft, smokey eye can be the perfect complement, making you ready for both a Halloween party or a night out.

Better yet, throw a complimentary gloss on top to take this lip look to the next level. We know these colors may be difficult to come across at the store, so we actually made a video that shows you how to create it yourself with our Custom Blend kits.

Bright Pink Lip to Embrace the Barbie Craze 🎀

Barbie vibes are making a splash this year, and what better time to embrace this trend than Halloween? Swipe on a pop of bright pink from Colorlab’s collection and let your lips do the talking. Keep the rest of your makeup muted for a modern, chic Barbie look, or go all out with high shimmer and rosy cheeks.

Photo: @hoskelsa

Eye Jewels for a "Eurphoric" Look

Euphoria has not just given us intense drama, but some major makeup inspo too! Add a touch of sparkle to your eyes with jewel embellishments. Unsure of where to place them? Try adorning your brow bone or the inner corners of your eyes for a mesmerizing effect. Pair with a glossy lip, and you're set to dazzle.

Photo: @emeli_an_

Orange and Black Eye Makeup 🎃

Nothing screams Halloween quite like the classic combo of orange and black. Dive into these bold shades from Colorlab and blend them for an eye-catching look. Whether you're going for a fiery sunset eye or a stark contrast with graphic liner, this duo is sure to make heads turn.

photo: @itsbeautybybrit.

Classic Yet Easy Halloween Looks

While there’s no denying the allure of new, trending makeup styles, there's something undeniably charming about classic Halloween looks. They resonate with the essence of the holiday and can be both eerie and elegant. With Colorlab Private Label, even these timeless styles can get a fresh twist. Let’s journey through some favorites:

Classic Skull Makeup 💀

This iconic look, initially inspired by the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) tradition has evolved to take on many shapes and forms that can be both vibrant and haunting. With Colorlab, you can recreate a simplified version without compromising on its visual impact. Optionally start with a pale base and gradually add vivid hues like blues, purples, and pinks. Finish with dark eyeliner to emphasize those mesmerizing skull-like eyes and hollow cheekbones.

Photo: @chrisspy

Witchy Vibes 🌙

It’s hard to think of Halloween without picturing a mystical, enchanting witch. And while the hat and broom are optional, your makeup can cast its own spell! Go for smoky, dark eyes using Colorlab’s intense shades, paired with a deep berry or plum lip. For an extra touch of magic, a hint of shimmer on the cheekbones can capture that moonlit glow.

Zombie Chic 🧟‍♀️

Who says zombies can't be stylish? The undead look gets a glamorous makeover with Colorlab. Start with a pale or even colorful base (per the example below). Contour with grays and purples to achieve that 'risen from the grave' aura. But here's the twist: add a bold lip or metallic eyeshadow to keep things chic and not just bleak.

Photo: @creative.cliche

Each classic look is a canvas waiting for your personal touch. And with Colorlab Private Label's diverse palette, the possibilities are endless. So, whether you lean towards the timeless or the avant-garde, this Halloween, make sure your makeup is as unforgettable as the night itself!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Look

Once you've conjured up your Halloween masterpiece, the next challenge is ensuring it stays bewitching all night long. From dancing at parties to sudden spooky surprises, your makeup will face its share of trials. Thankfully, with Colorlab Private Label's nifty products and a few pro tips, your makeup won't go ghosting you!

  1. Prep Your Canvas: 🖼️ A great makeup look starts with a well-prepped skin. Always begin with a clean face and use a good primer to ensure your makeup has a smooth base to grip onto.

  2. Layer Smartly: 🎨 For eyeshadows, especially the bold Halloween hues, layer your colors. Start light and gradually build up. This ensures that the pigments show vibrantly and last longer.

  3. Seal with "Hold On Tight, Budge Proof Gel": 🛡️ This gem is a must-have for Halloween festivities. It's designed to lock in your look, ensuring it remains smudge-proof and pristine. Especially for those intense eye looks or detailed face paint, a dab of this gel guarantees your effort won’t go to waste.

  4. Waterproof with "Get a Grip" Mixing Liquid: 💧 Rain, sweat, or an unexpected tear from a horror movie – water is the arch-nemesis of makeup. But not anymore! With Colorlab's "Get a Grip" Waterproof Mixing Liquid, you can transform any makeup product into a waterproof version. Be it your eyeliner, eyeshadow, or even lip color, just mix and apply for a look that braves the elements.

  5. Stay Hydrated and Blot: 💧🍂 Remember to keep your skin hydrated. Use setting sprays that offer hydration, and if you feel your makeup getting oily, instead of adding more product, gently blot to maintain the fresh look.

  6. Touch-Up Kit: 👛 Always carry a small touch-up kit with your essential Colorlab products, some Q-tips, and blotting paper. You never know when you might need a quick fix!


Halloween is more than just a night—it's a mood, an atmosphere, and an opportunity to let our imaginations run wild. Whether you're painting your face for a festive gathering or simply adding a sprinkle of spookiness to your everyday look, the magic lies in the details. And with the right tools and techniques, you can ensure your Halloween beauty game is hauntingly unforgettable.

But remember, while the holiday is fleeting, the spirit of experimentation and self-expression should last all year round. Curious about diving deeper into the world of customizable makeup? Ready to ensure your brand captures the essence of every season with style and substance?

Reach out to our expert team of makeup artists, business consultants and estheticians. We're passionate about beauty, innovation, and helping brands shine their brightest—especially during the most enchanting times of the year. Let’s connect and make sure your brand is Halloween-ready and beyond!



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