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Colorlab’s custom labels offer a flexible and inexpensive alternative to hot stamping and screening for logo and product information application on your products. If you want to private label your own packaging, labels are a great way to give your product an exciting image. Colorlab can create and produce labels in minimum quantities of 72 (per labelsize) , versus minimum quantities of 144 for hot stamping/screening. Labels can be printed with single or multiple colors allowing great flexibility and creativity in your design. Labels can be placed on virtually any packaging surface. For pricing and more information about Colorlab’s labeling service call 1-800-790-2417.

Custom labels are made of high-qual ity, water-proof vinyl.
Almost any color can be produced through a 4-color process.
Labels can be custom cut to accommodate many sur faces and designs however, complex cuts can become difficult to apply.
In order for a logo or design to be used as a label, the ar twork must be sent to your Account Representative as an Adobe Illustrator file (vector art) . See the Digital Artwork Submission section for details.


Have your logo hot stamped directly onto packaging


Die Charge (one time fee) $250.00 & up
Set-up charge (per packaging style) $75.00
Product ion charge (one time fee) $95.00 & up
Per Piece Charge (144 piece min.) $ .50



Digital data is required for all label and hotstamp print production.
The Preferred format is Adobe Illustrator.
All fonts used must accompany the Illustrator file.
All fonts used should be converted into outlines.


Any files that do not meet the preferred file format requirements may not be accepted or may be subject to a $100 processing fee. Non-preferred formats will be charged a $100 processing fee. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of reproduction from any artwork supplied in non-preferred formats. We do not accept Microsoft Word, Power Point, or Publisher files. All fonts used should be converted to outlines.


Once artwork is received in the preferred format, an approval form/proof will be E-mailed to the client. If approved, the client must sign and fax, mail or E-mail the signed approval form back to Colorlab. We assume due diligence has been taken by the client to proof artwork and approval forms before signing and returning to Colorlab.

All artwork and approval forms should be E-mai led or mai led to your Color lab Account Executive.

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