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Are you ready to pump up the volume of your beauty business? 


Well, did you know that Colorlab Cosmetics has a Contract Manufacturing division that can help you expand your business beyond what you ever thought possible?  Contract manufacturing gives you, as a business owner, unparalleled freedom in creating colors and formulations on a scale that works for your business and your growing clientele.  We will work with you from concept to creation.  Who else can say that? 


At Colorlab we have two distinct divisions that work alongside our customers to ensure their needs are met… 


Our Private Label Division gives customers access to over 65 product categories, available in high-end stock packaging, with a low order minimum requirement—plus the product is in stock and ready to ship on demand.  On the Private Label path, independent cosmetic retailers can choose from pad printed packaging or adhesive labels to brand their products with.  This path also gives retailers the option of what is essentially a turnkey, “move-in-ready” business where they can begin selling as soon as the product hits their door. 


In comparison, our Contract Manufacturing division allows our higher volume customers to create products that match their brand and their story to a T.  This helps them to achieve higher profit margins for their business.  Because let us tell you…people love a brand that knows who and what they are. 


Contract manufacturing isn’t going to be the ideal approach for every business—but it is the right avenue to take if your goal is to launch a product line with specific ingredients that are unique to you, your vision, and your business.  Colorlab will guide you through the formulation development process to ensure we are producing colors that are on point for your brand.  Once we have a formulation in place, we can fill your packaging with it!  What’s even cooler is that we can use packaging you supply, or we can source packaging for you through a vendor in our broad supply chain. 



Let’s take a look at the extensive list of products you can order via Contract Manufacturing: 


  • Mineral and Liquid Foundations 

  • Mineral Blushes 

  • Mineral Eyeshadows 

  • Concealers 

  • Lipsticks, Glosses, Plumpers, Balms, and Stains 

  • Natural/Organic Lip products 

  • Cream to Power Foundations 

  • Face and Body Luminizers 

  • Gel Cleansers, Beauty Oils, Primers, and Makeup Setting Sprays and Gels 

  • Eye Makeup Remover or Fixator 

  • Brow Waxes 

  • Airbrush Products 


And as I’m sure you already know, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded—all of our products are: 


  • Cruelty Free 

  • Paraben Free 

  • Sulfate Free 

  • Not Tested on Animals 

  • Free of Phthalates 

  • Free of GMOs 


For over two decades, some of the best beauty brands in the world have worked with Colorlab Cosmetics in partnering to manufacture their product.  Our sales team is ready to add you to that list.  Give us a call to speak to a sale representative about your needs and how Colorlab can help pump up the volume on your business today! 

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