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Create Your
Own Lipsticks

Formulate your own makeup on the spot with

our unique custom blend systems.


Blend it. Mold it. Sell it. 

Any Color

Create the perfect lipstick color on the spot. With Colorlab's custom blend systems, you can get a lipstick that perfectly matches your client's clothes or nails. Still on the hunt for that perfect nude? You can make it in an instant.

Any Formula

Achieve your ideal finish by customizing the amount of sheen, shimmer, and gloss your lipstick has. Get any texture from ultra-matte to sheer and shiny. Customize the formula with additional botanicals, serums, or sun protection.

Any Time

Say goodbye to inventory headaches, manufacturing lead times, shelf scouring, and excessive planning. Get the product you need right when you need it. Create your custom lipsticks in a matter of minutes.

How it Works

  1. Blend the pigments to achieve your  desired color

  2. Add any desired foils or frosts 

  3. Mix in a base to achieve your finish.

    • Creme, Matte, Long Last Matte, Butter, Organic Natural Base, Lip Gloss.

  4. Add any desired additives for fragrance or additional benefits

  5. Pour into lipstick mold

  6. Finish with packaging

  7. Sell your new lipstick or keep it in your kit

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What's Included

CustomBlend-LipstickSystem-pigments (1).webp




CustomBlend-lipstickSystem-molds (1).webp




Frost & Foil



Benefits of Custom Blend

  • Customize products to your specific needs

  • Maximize profitability

  • Easily manage your inventory

  • Create 100% customer satisfaction

  • Create a unique value proposition for your business

  • Create custom lipstick right before your client's eyes

  • Eliminate vendor and manufacturer dependence


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