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Jello Skin: The New K-Beauty Trend Taking Over TikTok

Jello skin has been one of the latest beauty trends in Korea, taking over TikTok through video tutorials and hashtags. It started with a viral video of a girl showing her skin and comparing it to jello or gelatin, following compliments from her esthetician on the bouncy elasticity of her skin. If you haven’t heard of jello skin before, you might be wondering what exactly it is—and what it means for your business. If you are looking for the scoop on jello skin, and how you can take advantage of it for your business, look no further than this article.

What Is Jello Skin?

The Korean beauty trend, jello skin, is the newest way to achieve a plump, healthy-looking complexion. Jello skin is a term coined by Korean bloggers and influencers and can be translated as skin in its healthiest form. Unlike other trends like glass skin which emphasizes an almost translucent appearance, the natural glow of jello skin is achieved through hydration.

How is Jello Skin Achieved

Videos all over the internet claim that jello skin can be achieved through various different methods, but the key to glossy, plump, elastic skin is comprehensive care for your skin. Jello skin is achieved through three steps. First, you must cleanse your face using a gentle cleanser that won't irritate your pores or cause dryness. Second, moisturize with products targeted for your skin type (ex. oily or dry) to keep it hydrated without feeling greasy.

Some other jello skin tutorials encourage watchers to exfoliate their faces and apply a hydrating primer before applying any products. Across the board, there is an emphasis on hydrating the skin by using moisturizers or masks that include hyaluronic acid.

As far as makeup goes, Jello skin creators encourage the use of lightweight makeup products on top of a primer for weightless coverage.

How Beauty Businesses Can Take Advantage of This Trend

As we have discussed in some of our other articles, consumers are jumping on board the latest skincare trends like never before, and jello skin is no exception. What does this mean for beauty businesses?

Focus on Skincare with Your Clients

For makeup artists and salon owners, a great way to help clients achieve jello skin is by offering skincare treatments or products. Whether that be spending some extra time with them prepping the skin or even just offering skin care advice, you can help them learn what they should be doing to care for their skin and achieve their desired results.

Offer Your Own Line of Skincare Products

As you chat about skincare and how they can obtain the jello skin of their dreams, what better way to help them (and your business) than by offering products that suit this need?

A Double Cleansing System

One way to achieve jello skin is by using double cleansing. Double cleansing is the process of washing off makeup and impurities with an oil cleanser before following up with water or foam cleanser. As we use makeup every day, it can be hard to remove it all without leaving behind some residue. This can lead to dry skin and clogged pores which can cause acne. By using an oil-based cleanser, you can better break down the oils in your face that are left behind after makeup removal.

Some products you can include in this system include:

Offer deep skin cleansing, toning, and repair with this all-in-one Micellar water cleanser.

Encourage your clients to follow the Deep Dive Micellar Water Cleanser with this probiotic gel cleanser that helps rejuvenate the skin by protecting its biome and restoring its natural ecosystem.

An Exfoliation System:

One of the best ways to achieve jello skin is through exfoliation. Exfoliating can make the skin look healthy, refreshed, and plump. If you are a medical spa or esthetician, this is a great opportunity to suggest chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or other forms of exfoliation.

You can also offer an exfoliating cleanser that can be introduced into the client’s at-home skincare routine one to three times throughout the week.

This BHA-rich cleansing formulation helps slough away dead skin cells while leaving skin refined, and smooth.

A Personalized Treatment Option:

Especially for the skincare experts among us, this is a great opportunity to suggest some more personalized skin treatments or send them home with products that can help address their specific concerns or compliment their skin types.

Our skin infusions come in various formulas designed to target some common skin concerns.

A Trusty Moisturizer

Finally, so much of the jello skin trend relies on plump, elastic, hydrated skin. Clients or customers can achieve this look through a powerful moisturizer that they can use as part of their morning and night routines.

Our state-of-the-art Honey & Hyaluronic complex is the perfect concoction of moisturizing and plumping ingredients. This product is designed to boost collagen, elasticity, and skin radiance all while fighting inflammation and dehydration.

Want more guidance on how you can successfully help your customers achieve the jello skin of their dreams? Talk to one of our business consultants!

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