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How to Make Your Beauty Brand's Holiday Sales Soar

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many beauty brands, with consumers spending more money than ever on cosmetic services, skincare, makeup, and hair products—either as gifts or for themselves. To make the most of this time, it's time to step up your game and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. Below, we outline how to amplify your holiday sales with some effective seasonal strategies.

Get festive with your packaging

Packaging is the first thing customers see, so consider adding a holiday flare to it. For example, include a handwritten Christmas card with each purchase. Or even keep it as simple as adding a holiday sticker to the box.

For brands with the means, offering a seasonal collection can also be a great way to rake in additional sales over the holiday season. For this strategy, try to sell limited-edition products for this time of the year only—customers may be more inclined to buy something if they know that it won't be around next year.

Create gift sets

Gift sets make selecting products for loved ones easy. Pre-compile products that go well together or create a “get the look” set that accompanies a tutorial on social media. It can be as simple as pre-wrapping a handful of products, even if it’s just lipstick and a lip liner. This also gives you an opportunity to cross-promote your other collections and make people aware of new products that they may not have seen or tried before.

Offer discounts and coupons

Another great way to increase your sales during the holiday season is to offer holiday-specific discounts and coupons. This can be done by running limited-time promotions on your website or through social media advertising. For example, you could offer a free sample of a new product or give away a store credit with each purchase. For those that are holiday shopping in bulk, you can incentivize purchases that exceed a certain value by including different freebies with each purchase threshold.

Collaborate with other businesses

Partnering with other beauty brands or bloggers will help you reach a wider audience and gain more social media traction while helping them do the same. For example, consider having a beauty influencer film a tutorial using one of your holiday collections. Or find industry experts who can review your products. This is a great way to increase exposure during this competitive time of year.

Create content around gift giving

This holiday season, make your beauty brand the first pick for gift-giving. Shift your social media content to include holiday gift guides and gift-like details on your photos and videos. For instance, instead of posting a picture of your best-selling lipstick, post a photo of the lipstick with a ribbon or holiday bow attached.

Offer and Promote Gift Cards

Offering gift cards is a great way to increase sales and earn new long-term customers or clients. Try hanging a framed graphic where customers pay that says, “Gift Cards Available for Purchase.” To increase new client acquisition, you can even offer a free gift card with purchases over a certain threshold. This can be an excellent way to get new people to try your products and services.

Host a holiday party for your best customers

Hosting a holiday party for your best clients and customers is another great way to make the most of the season. This gives you the opportunity to create face-to-face interactions with your highest-spending customers and improve brand loyalty. It is also a great way to share new products or services that they might not know about and if you allow them to bring guests, it can help you connect with prospective new customers.


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