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Color Cosmetics and The Challenge They Impose on Small Beauty Businesses

Color cosmetics (or makeup with color in it) is a cosmetic category that has been popular for hundreds of years, and it's still on the rise. However, keeping up with beauty trends while providing a comprehensive product line that suits different needs is a continual challenge for small businesses with limited budgets (and even those with large ones). For this reason, many businesses are forced to compromise on either product quality or shade ranges. Whether your business has already experienced this dilemma or you want to be prepared for when it comes, we have put together this article to help you navigate it.

Color Cosmetics as a Product Category

Color cosmetics is a category of makeup that includes products designed for the skin, eyes, lips, and cheeks… to make it easier to understand, it basically includes any products that have color in them. This category is currently valued at over $76 billion dollars and is estimated to reach almost $113 billion by 2028.

The Challenges With Color Chemistry

Manufacturing color cosmetics that suit a wide range of skin tones is no easy feat, and with a justified growing demand for more inclusive products, this becomes a challenge for color cosmetic brands. Creating the perfect color requires combining different amounts of colored oxides to achieve the perfect shades, and when you introduce active ingredients, emulsifiers, and more, it makes achieving the desired color that much more challenging.

For this reason, brands are faced with the choice of either developing a wide range of high-payoff (pigmented) products to suit various skin tones or developing a few lower-payoff variations. So how do brands develop cosmetic products that suit various skins without compromising on color payoff or product quality?

The Magic of Custom Blend Cosmetics

To alleviate this stress, we created the Colorlab custom blend systems that allow you to create the perfect color, texture, and finish on the spot without compromising color payoff (although, of course, we enable you to create sheerer products if needed.) Rather than spending a fortune on a robust line of colored cosmetics—some of which just end up collecting dust, you can blend the perfect shade in a matter of minutes.

The beautiful thing about these systems is that it not only combats the burden of stocking colored cosmetics but it also lets you create a personalized experience with your clients and customers. Because our custom blend systems are patented, you will be able to offer a unique experience like no other.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Custom Blend systems and how they can help you grow your color cosmetics business, contact us today!

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