custom blend

The right look. The perfect experience. The repeat performances.
That's what custom blending is all about.

Let's face it. Most women have a love-hate relationship with makeup. They love the idea of what it can do for them, but they're often disappointed in the actual results. The shade isn't quite right. The texture's wrong. The foundation is flat. Well not anymore.

Thanks to Colorlab Private Label's custom blend cosmetics, you can give each client exactly what she's looking for in lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, foundations and concealers. You can match every skin tone. Create any shade. Highlight or downplay any feature.

If a customer wants to go sheer in the summer, but wants more coverage in the winter she can do it. If she wants more oil control one season, and less another she can get it. In fact, with our unique custom blend system, you can give every customer the color, texture, coverage, even the flavor, she wants - whenever she wants it. Our patented lipstick-making process means we're the only company that lets you custom blend lipsticks or lip glosses at the cosmetic counter.

Our custom blend cosmetics also let you create your own signature look to stay ahead of the trends, and generate even more buzz on the street. Whatever you create, the client is part of the process, which means she feels an even greater sense of pride in the final result.

When you give a customer all these great options, she's bound to keep coming back, and she's likely to bring a friend or two with her. And you want to know what's really beautiful about all this? Your profit margins.

Colorlab Private Label Cosmetics are unmatched in the industry for quality and innovation, providing the opportunity to create great chemistry with your clients and exceptional profits for your business.